My Equipment - Dome Hide

This versatile hide can be erected in less than 2 minutes and i have found that it is readily accepted by birds. This is illustrated in the picture of my dome hide, with a French Partridge perched on top of it!
On another occasion I came across a Kestrel eating a dead Wood Pigeon in the centre of a grassfield. The next morning I was in my hide before dawn broke on another part of the farm photographing Pheasants. After 3 hours, when it was all quiet around my hide, I moved to the grassfield and set the hide up a few metres from the pigeon carcass. There was no sign of the Kestrel which I knew had fed early that morning while i was in the hide elsewhere, and I guessed that it would return for a late afternoon feed. Even so, and even though it was only 11 a.m., I chanced my luck and waited 4 more hours, but, at 3 p.m hunger drove me home for food and drink and there was still no sign of the Kestrel.
At 4 p.m I returned refreshed and the Kestrel was feeding on the pigeon right near my hide. On my approach it leisurely flew to a ploughed field. I entered the hide without it seeing me and in less than half an hour the Kestrel was back on the pigeon having a late feed. It fed for 20 minutes and to my surprise flew up and settled on top of the hide a few inches above my head. It remained there several minutes as I could see its shadow above me and hear its sharp clawed feet moving about on top of the hide. Fully fed and rested it floated off on the still, evening air across the field.
On another occasion I was photographing a Jay as it fed on the lawn in my back garden. I was taking photographs and looking through the camera's viewfinder when the Jay flew up and settled on my head which was pushed against the side of the hide! All that seperated us was the material of the hide. I dare not move an inch and was afraid to breathe heavily while it remained there for at least 2 minutes but seemed much longer! It eventually flew off, totally unaware of my presence.
This hide as well as other hides and equipment to help you watch wildlife can be purchased from Kevin Keatley at Wildlife Watching Supplies (see the link on my links page). Kevin gives great advice and great customer service.
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